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The people development training that gives you the Winning Edge to win your game.

Crush your organizational goals by transforming your people into star performers.

The future of work isn’t about age. It’s about attitude and behaviors.

– Coach KarFei

Why most training don't work?

In 2019, over $83 billion was spend on training and development across the United States. Your company spent a huge amount of money on employee development, but your employee’s performance were stagnant.

The most obvious reason is that the training didn’t work for your people.

And what isn’t obvious is that training is not a one-off miracle drug that changes your people’s behavior instantly. Changes can be accelerated, but not without post-training — which is the game-changer.

Our Impact

  • Kar Fei addressed a very diverse group of employees of American Express Malaysia with confidence and was able to instigate meaningful conversations with all of them.

    Shifting the paradigm of these employees is not a walk in the park, but he was able to do so with great examples, lively engagements & simple yet relevant pointers. I will recommend his masterclass to any corporations anytime.

    Ryan Lai

    General Manager, American Express
  • Working with KarFei has been an absolute pleasure.

    The Storytelling & Public Speaking workshop was engaging, relevant and delivered in an excellent way, providing our Nomad Academy students with all the hacks they needed to deliver the perfect Pitch.

    In addition, we got a clear insight into all his valuable experiences and his style of coaching: empathetic, to the point and no-nonsense.

    Steven Ebbers

    Head of Product, Uprise Academy
  • I would like to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for KarFei’s participation at the event.

    Based on the feedback we got, KarFei were rated amongst the top 3 speakers out of all other speakers. The delegates really liked his content and style or presentation.

    KarFei’s presentation in terms of content was rated 8.5 of 10 and the presentation style 8.7 of 10.

    Digital HR Forum 2018

Our Services

We understand that you have organizational objectives and goals. 

This is why our services are designed to marry training with your goals. 

So, you’ll get star performing employees who are passionate in growing your organization, together with you.

leadership development

High Performance Leaders (HPL) Program

If you have employees leave because of their managers, you need the HLP program to close the invisible leadership holes and develop your first-time managers into star leaders. Never again will you hear or see employees leave because of their managers.


People Manager's Coaching (PMC) Program

A manager is good at managing work, and a coach is good at leading people. Turn your managers into coaches and enjoy higher employee performance, engagement, and productivity that you've never seen before.

impact speaking

Impact Speaking

What if all words uttered by your sales person are incantations to charm any prospects? Grow your sales team by upleveling their speaking game so they can turn prospects into your loyal fans.

workplace culture

Workplace Culture Redefined

The most desirable yet hardest to do: changing your organization's culture. You can choose to crack your head and bang walls blindly, or get our team to tell you what exactly you need to do and give birth to your dream culture, step by step.

executive coaching

Executive Coaching

How do you perform better, deliver better, and get better in doing what you do than today? The most effective methods is getting a coach who guides and ensures you performing at your best, day in and day out. Our Coach KarFei is deadly committed to your success.

Keynote Speaking

Ever attended a keynote speech that gives you goosebumps? Coach KarFei's 2,500-standing-ovation-worthy keynote speech gives way more than goosebumps⁠—it literally changes people's behaviors. If you want a bioweapon of mass persuasion, Coach KarFei is the one.

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