What if you can live the life you love and change 10 thousand lives?

You’re feeling a deep fulfillment from the bottom of your heart that rings, “Yes, I love my life! And I have no regrets if I die tomorrow because I’ve done everything I wanted to do,” while feasting your eyes with the most majestic scenery on Earth.

Stop living life by default. Live life by design.

A life of fulfilment is a life that you design yourself.

⁠— Coach KarFei

Is This You?

  • Want to make your passion a living while enjoying life to the fullest?
  • Feeling lost and don’t know what to do in life?
  • Want to leave a positive impact but don’t know where to start and how?
  • Hate what you’re doing but can’t get out?
  • Gotten out but still hate what you’re doing?
  • Hesitating to make the jump? 
  • Kind of know what you want to achieve, but most things are still blurry?
  • Want to stop procrastination?
  • Don’t think it’s possible to live the life you love?
  • Or don’t know how a life you love looks like?
  • Want to influence thousands of lives through your voice?

If you answered "Yes" to at least one...

You are in the right direction. You have done what most of your peers didn’t. 

By acknowledging “Yes” to any of the above, you’re facing your deepest needs and recognize that actions need to be taken. This takes courage and I want to congratulate you from my heart.

The question is, “What are you going to do about it?

You’re reading this page because you want something. You want to change. You want a much, much better life. 

And I know you will definitely get what you want when you’re given the right guidance, the right environment, and the right support.

Why do we believe so?

Because living the life you love is not a special talent. There’s science and art to it, which we can help you master them and live the life you love the most.


  • Karfei has been supportive along my journey and I find his approach by far the most comfortable. Being able to be coached by him is one of the biggest turning points in my life. 

    I used to live in fear everyday and stopped me from achieving my life goals since young. 

    Now, I finally regain my confidence and I no longer fear in achieving my life goals. If you wish to overcome your fears and go after your goals, KarFei is the coach that I will highly recommend.


    Technology Engineer
  • He is a very passionate, humble, and friendly. He is my first coach who pushed me to achieve my goals, many times.

    I have won several competitions this year and not even a single competition isn’t won without his support.

    Highly recommended to all the young people out there!


  • During the caoching process, he’s been very passionate, patient, authentic and really cares for my well-being.

    He was able to help me identify my core strength even clearer, guided me to strategise a clear & precise vision, and with laser-sharp focus on executing the action steps to achieve my goals.

    I would definitely recommend him to my friends who needs career coaching.

    Ariel Lenia Sit

    Course Development, Growth & Partnership @ Foundr
  • UCS allows me to take some time off to reflect back on what really matters.

    I came back with better clarity of my own personal values and how I would want each area of my life to grow.

    The most impactful thing I learned is the difference between passion and career. 

    KarFei helped me to see things from a different angle and supported me to come out with actionable steps to progress further in my career and passion.



A Success Story

This is an email from a customer who has attended the Ultimate Confidence Seminar (UCS) on Dec 2018. Her sincere story and vulnerability touched the Life Redesigned’s team to no ends and we wish to honor her success by featuring her story.

"I knew I deserve a better life..."

KarFei, if it wasn’t because of you, I would still be stuck at my previous shitty job, crying alone. 

I was afraid to quit because I wasn’t sure if I can get an equally high-paying job. But I hated my job so much that I’d fake medical leaves to skip work.

Getting out of bed in the morning feels like dragging a sofa. 

I knew I deserve a better life, a life where I’d be looking forward to waking up, excited to work, and feel fulfilled at the end of the day. 

Living that kind of life was my only wish.

Until I attended your seminar.


"This shows that you truly care for my success"

You gave me courage to quit wasting time on a job I hate and explore what my heart truly desires.

You showed me that I can be happy and fulfilled in health, relationship, career, finance, social life, and personal life.

The way you coach is like no other. 

You’re like a hard-working angel who is always supporting and encouraging me. Sometimes you wear the devil’s mask, pushing me to do beyond my limits. 

This shows that you truly care for my success.

I love my life now and I’m excited to work every day 😀

Thank you, KarFei, for showing me what it feels like to live the life I love.


How Life Redesigned
Gets You To The Life You Love?

Tifa is one of the thousands that Life Redesigned has impacted, and they’re living the life they love. 

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"We all have the chance to live our best life everyday, question is,
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